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Voices in the Wind – This Is My City Art Society

Postcard_front - This is my City - 4.5x8.5


“Often times there are those whose voices are lost in the wind. We hope this display of Art by some of Calgary’s more marginalized citizens, including children and youth from the various shelters and agencies that give aid to the homeless and less fortunate, gives them a chance to have Voices in the Wind.”

The artwork displayed in this exhibition has been created by Barry, Gloria, Darren and Bill and other clients from the Drop-In Centre; Participants from Homeless-Connect Trading Card sessions and children and youth from Inn From the Cold. The exhibition has been curated by Bill.


This is My City Art Society (TMC) believes that the creative voice of every citizen has value and that we are all richer for having listened. The work that TMC does not only enriches the lives of the disenfranchised people in its programs, it opens the door for dialogue among all citizens. It builds bridges so that stereotypes can be broken down and common values can be clearly seen and celebrated.

This is My City is a volunteer-run, nonprofit society that brings opportunities for positive creative expression into the lives of some of Calgary’s most marginalized citizens: the homeless and those at risk of homelessness. Professional artist-mentors bring their skills and love of art into the shelters and service agencies year-round and connect with individuals to make music, theatre, and visual art together.O

Plotinus – Jessica McCarrel


Artist Statement

The possibility of denying death is, in many ways, a modern luxury unique to our time and culture; up until the early 20th Century, death was an unavoidable part of everyday life; this was reflected in folk art, the fine arts, popular amusements, and social rituals. It is my conviction that the impetus to view, contemplate and, ultimately, make sense of death is a universal desire. That the mystery and terror of our own mortality is the central conundrum of the human life, and that as our culture has become increasingly secularized, our ways to attempt to grapple with it have largely shifted from the realms of religion and philosophy to science and medicine. These realms provide a way to experience death, cloaked in the acceptable veneer of rationality, but still quietly speaking of other things.

Artist Bio:

Jessica McCarrel is a Canadian artist and cultural worker who is interested in ways in which the pre-rational roots of modernity are sublimated into ostensibly “purely rational” cultural activities such as science and medicine. McCarrel obtained her BFA from the Alberta College of Art. Her artwork has been exhibited in Canada (Alberta) and in the United States (New York, Los Angeles).

Eveline Kolijn – Breath of Life


October 5 – December 6, 2014, Bridgeland Show Space

Opening Reception: October 11, 2014, 1-5 pm, Bridgeland Market (1104 1 Ave NE)

Artist’s Statement:

Eveline Kolijn explores forms and patterns in Nature and the relationship between our society and the natural environment. Her intense interest in the field of Art & Science has led to her current project, in which she seeks to visually express Breath and state of the art research into early lung-cancer detection.

Healthy air is important in a city and to our wellbeing. It is dependent on our exchange with plants and algae: we inhale the oxygen they produce and they use the carbon dioxide we exhale.

Artist Biography:

Eveline Kolijn is a printmedia and multidisciplinary artist. She has exhibited, published and presented on her art nationally and internationally. Eveline strongly believes that the arts enrich society, and wants to share her experience and passion in learning environments and community involvement.

She has served on the board of Alberta Printmaker’s Society and is also an artist-mentor and founding board member of the THIS IS MY CITY Art Society. She has been appointed to the Calgary Public Art board in 2013. She teaches at the Alberta College of Art + Design for the Extended Studies program and in schools for Learning Through The Arts. |

Yirang Kim – Little Stories in a Box

Little Stories in a Box by Yirang Kim

August 3 – October 4, 2014, Bridgeland Show Space


Opening Reception: August 9, 2014, 1-5 pm, Lukes Drug Mart (112 4th St NE)


Artist’s Statement:

I am a storyteller. All my stories are from the chaos of imagery that I’ve gained from the world, people, and from my unknown self. I find the world is full of stories, that even the smallest grain of sand tells its own unique story. What I try to achieve is to visualize all forms of stories in the world and document them with the purest form of my own visual language.

Artist Biography:

Yirang Kim was born in Seoul, South-Korea, and has spent half of her life in Korea and the other half in Calgary, Canada. She started her artistic life when she was very little. She couldn’t talk until she was 4, and she wasn’t much interested in learning about the new world she was born into, only interested in drawing and painting all day. She realized that imagery is the best form of language for sharing and documenting her thoughts, and that art is the only way to freely express her inner world.

Joanne MacDonald – Maquette

Maquette by Joanne MacDonald

June 7 – August 2, 2014, Bridgeland Show Space

Opening Reception: June 14, 2014, 1-5 pm, Baya Rica Cafe (204 7A St NE)

Audio Tour:


Artist’s Statement:

My work deals with suspension and tension representing the fragility of life and relationships and how they can so easily be disrupted through selfishness, anger, environment, good and bad alike, illness and even death. Whenever possible I create work that is interactive and kinetic in nature to mimic those constant life changes.

Artist Biography:

Joanne MacDonald is a self-taught mixed media artist who grew up in rural Quebec and has always been an artist at heart. She moved to Calgary in 1980. Having attended college, working, getting married and having a family here – Calgary has become “Home”. Time passes…. and living in Calgary now more than twice as long as Quebec; her life has become grounded here with family, friends and most importantly being able to work and show her work within a wonderful and vibrant arts community.

Inspired by nature and working primarily in found, natural and recycled materials Joanne creates these pieces which often mirror the beautiful imperfection of life and relationships. Through her art she tries to evoke an emotional response using familiar objects composed in an unfamiliar way. Joanne’s works are pensive and introspective, inducing an emotional dialogue between the art and the viewer.


Emma Bresola and Melissa Centofanti – OpenBook

OpenBook by Emma Bresola and Melissa Centofanti

May 4 – June 7, 2014, Bridgeland Show Space

Opening Reception: May 10, 2014, 1-5 pm, Bridgeland Market (1104 1 Ave NE)

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Audio Tour:

Artists’ Statement:

Emma Bresola and Melissa Centofanti met recently at the City of Calgary Public Art “Artists Working in Community” course. They quickly discovered their talents to be complementary and created a team for community art projects. Bresola and Centofanti are versatile and flexible artists based in Calgary, Alberta. Both artists use a variety of traditional (acrylic and watercolour painting, oils and canvas) and non traditional art materials (technology, community performance) to create their work. They both tend to work conceptually as the materials used are dictated by the idea. The first projects they have collaborated on are accordion style artist books. There is currently a series of three 31/4 inch X 28inch books that have been created to illustrate three different forms of art. Dance Music and Theatre are illuminated through the pages of these relatively small books. This project has been named OpenBook. It is Emma and Melissa’s vision to use these books to inspire others to use their creativity in facilitated workshops in various neighbourhoods throughout Calgary.

Artist Biographies:

Born and educated in Italy, Emma Bresola is a visual artist based in Calgary where in 2013 she won the CCIS New Canadian Artist Award.. Emma has worked for fifteen years in Italy as a graphic designer and children books illustrator freelance. She also painted murals, utility boxes and created digital art works. Her works were exhibited in Canada and Europe. Experimenting and trying new things is part of her artistic practice. For this reason, some projects are made with the help of digital technologies  and some with traditional techniques. Since 2010 Emma carried her skills into public art projects. She has just recently completed the “Artist Working in Community” course with the City of Calgary Public Art. Her purpose is bring art to the community.

Melissa Centofanti is an artist, advocate for change, and mother who lives and works in Calgary, Alberta. She received her BFA in 1992 from the University of Windsor, Ontario. Since then she has experimented with various media, from film to fabric, in order to visually express her thoughts and ideas. Melissa’s artwork is constantly pushing the boundaries of beauty, craft and high art.

In 20ll – 2012 as a member of ID Collective, Melissa was part of an artist in residence project in “CommunityWise”, then know as the Old Y. As an engaged member of her community, Melissa’s most recent projects have included a series of political forum performances using food in a blind taste testing poll, and mask making workshops with adults and children. Melissa just completed the “Artists Working in Community” course with The City of Calgary which has inspired her current direction in public art and facilitation of creative community workshops.