Eveline Kolijn – Breath of Life


October 5 – December 6, 2014, Bridgeland Show Space

Opening Reception: October 11, 2014, 1-5 pm, Bridgeland Market (1104 1 Ave NE)

Artist’s Statement:

Eveline Kolijn explores forms and patterns in Nature and the relationship between our society and the natural environment. Her intense interest in the field of Art & Science has led to her current project, in which she seeks to visually express Breath and state of the art research into early lung-cancer detection.

Healthy air is important in a city and to our wellbeing. It is dependent on our exchange with plants and algae: we inhale the oxygen they produce and they use the carbon dioxide we exhale.

Artist Biography:

Eveline Kolijn is a printmedia and multidisciplinary artist. She has exhibited, published and presented on her art nationally and internationally. Eveline strongly believes that the arts enrich society, and wants to share her experience and passion in learning environments and community involvement.

She has served on the board of Alberta Printmaker’s Society and is also an artist-mentor and founding board member of the THIS IS MY CITY Art Society. She has been appointed to the Calgary Public Art board in 2013. She teaches at the Alberta College of Art + Design for the Extended Studies program and in schools for Learning Through The Arts.

www.evelinekolijn.com | www.paperlandscape.com