The Chuck is in the Mail – Don Mabie


Artist’s Statement

Don Mabie has been a significant influence in artist-run centres and educational communities in Calgary since the 1970s. Using the nom de plume Chuck Stake, Mabie is a leading proponent of correspondence/mail art internationally.

Correspondence/Mail Art has its roots in the art historical movement of Dada. It can take many forms, although its defining element is that it is sent to the audience using the postal service. One of the accepted customs of correspondence/mail art is that there is no jury and everything sent is shown.


Don Mabie/Chuck Stake: born in Calgary, January 9, 1947. Graduated from Alberta College of Art in 1969. Mabie has been drawing, performing, assembling, trading and mailing art since the late sixties; has had more than thirty-five solo exhibitions in Canada and Europe. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions and performance events across Canada, in the United States, Mexico, Europe, Australia and Japan.

Mabie has been an active participant in the international mail-art network since 1971 and has organized some 25 mail-art exhibitions as well as participating in thousands of mail-art exhibitions and publications. He founded Chuck Stake Enterprizes in Toronto in 1972 and became Chuck Stake. Since 1997 and has helped initiate a vital Artist’s Trading Card network in Calgary, Canada and internationally.

In May, 2001 Mabie was a recipient of the ACAD Board of Governors’ Award of Excellence for his lifetime contribution to the arts in Alberta.