Yirang Kim – Little Stories in a Box

Little Stories in a Box by Yirang Kim

August 3 – October 4, 2014, Bridgeland Show Space


Opening Reception: August 9, 2014, 1-5 pm, Lukes Drug Mart (112 4th St NE)


Artist’s Statement:

I am a storyteller. All my stories are from the chaos of imagery that I’ve gained from the world, people, and from my unknown self. I find the world is full of stories, that even the smallest grain of sand tells its own unique story. What I try to achieve is to visualize all forms of stories in the world and document them with the purest form of my own visual language.

Artist Biography:

Yirang Kim was born in Seoul, South-Korea, and has spent half of her life in Korea and the other half in Calgary, Canada. She started her artistic life when she was very little. She couldn’t talk until she was 4, and she wasn’t much interested in learning about the new world she was born into, only interested in drawing and painting all day. She realized that imagery is the best form of language for sharing and documenting her thoughts, and that art is the only way to freely express her inner world.